New Release and a Freebie!

The second episode of the Vaettir serial is now on Amazon, ibooks, and soon to be on Barnes and Noble. In celebration, I’ve made the first episode free on all of the aforementioned venues! Click the links below to pick up a free copy on the ereader of your choice:

Firsttwo covers

All Romance Reads and a New Release

I only just recently heard of All Romance Reads, but it seems like a nice site so I went ahead and uploaded the first episode of my dark paranormal romance serial on there. It’s set to FREE, so if you want to pick up a download you can find it here: .

The episode is now free on ibooks as well, and hopefully the other platforms will be free soon as well :). This freeness is in preparation for the release of the second episode, which will probably occur on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

In other news: Demon Down, the fourth installment in my Xoe Meyers series is still due to be published on all digital platforms, as well as in print, in September! I’ll post the exact date when I have it :).

This informational broadcast has been brought to you by an author that had way too much coffee this morning.

Ebook Price Ponderings

I just want to put my two cents out into cyber space about ebook prices, as it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’m on several writer’s forums, and it just makes me cringe when I see someone talking about bad reviews because $4.99 is too expensive for a 400 page book. Do you have any idea how long it takes to write a 400 page book? I personally feel like I’m almost ripping an author off paying that little.

I think perhaps we all need to take a step back and look at what books used to cost. Up until the past few years it was perfectly normal to go out and spend $30 on the new release hardback of your favorite series. I mean yeah, it’s a hardback book, but it so does not cost anywhere near $30 to produce when it’s mass-market. The onslaught of 99 cent kindle books really did us in on pricing. Not to say that all 99 cent books are bad. I have some out myself, as well as a free book. I’m just saying that not all books should cost 99 cents.

If you really look into it, many of the 99 cent books out there are around 50 pages, sometimes less. So is pricing a 150 page book at $2.99 really such a crime? I don’t think so. Now, if a 150 page book is $2.99, then a 400 page book should really cost $8.99, so $4.99 is an awesome bargain. Stop being cheap people. I know the economy ain’t what it used to be, but writing that 400 page book took up a huge chunk of that author’s life. They put EVERYTHING into that book. You’re going to get hours of enjoyment from that $4.99, and then complain about it, when we’ll go out and spend $4.99 on a pint of ice cream without a second thought. Speaking of ice cream, I need to go buy some. Let’s all be nice to authors, I swear we’re not trying to rip you off.


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