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A nice review from a fellow wordpresser :).

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I found “Xoe: or Vampires, Werewolves and Demons, oh my!” through WordPress, when I began following Sara C. Rothle’s blog. I immediately put it on my reading list, because I expected that it had potential as a popular read, since YA paranormal romance seems to be such a hot genre in the past few years. If you’re following my blog, you may have noticed Sara’s suggestion that I add her book on my blog post that already included her book in my current reading list!

What I didn’t expect was that I would personally love this book. Although I did mark it to read fairly soon and planned, as usual, to try to be the most fair about the writing, YA paranormal romance is just not my thing. I have never read the “Twilight” books, nor have I watched any of the movies. The closest experience I have ever…

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Xoe has reached 180,000 downloads on Kindle!

So I guess 180,000 is kind of an odd milestone number. It might have been more appropriate to do a milestone post at say 100,000, but too bad. Today was the first time I decided to add up the downloads I’ve received since I made Xoe free in May, and I honestly hadn’t realized that I’d even gone over 100,000. I know I’ve had a good amount of numbers on non-kindle venues as well, but those are a little more difficult to track. Anywho, I was excited and I have no champagne to celebrate, so hopefully a few of you will drink some champagne for me. You can drink it while you read your free copy of Xoe! (C’mon, I couldn’t resist. Let’s get me to 200,000!)


Life Happens

The tides have turned, life happened, and it seems that Demon Down might be released sooner than I’d originally planned. Sometimes life happens and gives you waaay more time than you’d ever thought you’d have. I’m not going to announce an official release date, because I’m terrible with deadlines, and yeah, I’m still writing it. I still don’t even know how it’s going to end, but a lot of other juicy stuff has already happened! Xoe is feeling feisty, and she’s arguing with me a lot. Hopefully we can come to an agreement on what to do about her new friend Bartimus soon.

Anywho, we’re probably looking at an end of August/Early September release date, rather than the October 31st release I have posted on Goodreads. I may even post the first chapter up on here once I’ve gone over it a few more times :).


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