Just a few updates! Book Four of the Xoe Meyers series, “Demon Down”, ┬áis now available on all platforms. It has been for a few weeks…but I forgot to announce it on here. The print edition will hopefully be available on Amazon within another week :).

Episodes 3 & 4 of the Vaettir serial will be released as a bundle, hopefully by the 31st!

Also if anyone wants to know about my life (anyone, anyone? *crickets*), I’m building a house! Like, with my own two paws! Well, my father and boyfriend are helping, but I’ve carried a whole mess of lumber up a very steep hill, so I feel I get most of the credit *glances from side to side to make sure boyfriend isn’t looking*. So, the house is the reason I’m a little late on the episodes of the Vaettir serial, but I am workin on em!

Finally an update for the future: I’ve been working on a more epic-style fantasy book for quite a while now. Now that Demon Down is out, and I’m currently only working on the serial, my big fantasy baby will be getting some more attention. It’s the kind of book I’ve always wanted to write, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

The end.

Announcing Xoe Bundle and Demon Down Release Date

First, books 1-3 (Xoe, Accidental Ashes, and Broken Beasts) are now available in bundle form on Kindle for a promotional price of $3.99! This price will go up shortly after the release of book 4 (Demon Down) in TWO DAYS. That’s right, the release has finally been set, and it’s the 25th! Click the cover below to pick up the bundle :)


(Note: the bundle price at the moment saves you $1.99 on the trilogy, after the release of Demon Down the price will raise to $4.99, which will still save you $0.99!)

New Release and a Freebie!

The second episode of the Vaettir serial is now on Amazon, ibooks, and soon to be on Barnes and Noble. In celebration, I’ve made the first episode free on all of the aforementioned venues! Click the links below to pick up a free copy on the ereader of your choice:



Firsttwo covers


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