Wow, I’m terrible!

So I finally moseyed on over here and realized my last post was on October 2nd. I’m not sure how many of my readers actually check this site (most seem to contact me on Facebook), but I figured I’d post a few updates, along with my release plans for the beginning of 2017. Sooooo here it goes!

Recent Releases! Here are my lastest books from July-December.MinorMagics-22016-629-Sarah-Roethle-The-Melted-Sea--Tree-Of-Ages-2-Ver-2Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00026]clocksanddaggers_final-fjm_barns_and_noble_1600x2400duckduck

Soooo yeah, I’ve been a little busy!! The covers can be clicked to go to Amazon, or click the links below 🙂

Minor Magic – Xoe Meyers Series Book Seven – Xoe knew her father had a few family secrets, but she hadn’t expected to find answers in the human world. Never the less, she’s not one to pass up a good road trip, so with the help of her friends, she’s journeying into unknown territory to find the answers her father wasn’t able to give her. Who is she really, and why are certain demons out to kill her?

The Melted Sea – Tree of Ages Series Book Two – War is coming. With the reappearance of the Tuatha De, the countryside is thrown into chaos. Entire villages have been obliterated. Magic users are suffering persecution along with the Faie, leaving droves of refuges to wait outside the gates of the great cities, hoping for the acceptance that will never come.

After a brief reunion with her companions, Finn is stolen away during the night by an unseen foe. Lost and alone, she must put her trust in a stranger if she hopes to reach Migris alive. Yet, nothing is as it seems, and those she trusts most, may very well be the ones to betray her.

Clockwork Alchemist – The Thief’s Apprentice Book One –  Arhyen is the self-declared finest thief in London. The mission was simple. Steal a journal from Fairfax Breckinridge, one of the greatest alchemists of the time.

Arhyen hadn’t expected to find Fairfax himself, with a dagger in his back. Nor had he expected his automaton daughter, Liliana. Suddenly entrenched in a mystery too great for him to fully comprehend, he must rely on the help of a wayward detective, and an automaton who claims she has a soul, to piece together the clues laid before them. Will Arhyen uncover the true source of Liliana’s soul in time, or will London plunge into a dark age of nefarious technology, where only the scientific will survive?

Clocks and Daggers – The Thief’s Apprentice Book Two – Weeks have passed since Liliana and Arhyen first met. The formulae that gave Liliana her emotions are still in the hands of the LN, and the threat is ever looming as to how they might be used. Yet the pair of thieves has bigger fish to fry. Bodies are turning up all over the city, victims of surgical experimentation by an unknown assailant. Everything is connected, and Arhyen will have to unravel the mystery of the serial surgeon…before he ends up on the operating table himself.

Duck, Duck, Noose – Bitter Ashes Book Four – What do the Morrigan’s descendant, a necromancer, and an ancient Viking have in common? Nothing, except for a common goal. Rejoined with Alaric and her other companions, Madeline must now align with her enemies if she hopes to succeed in what she originally set out to do. Together, they will attempt to take down Estus once and for all . . . though they might have to open up a gateway to the old gods in the process.


Phwew, now for upcoming plans!


Okay, so only one cover is ready, but here are my upcoming releases 🙂

The Blood Forest – Tree of Ages Book Three (late January)

Under Clock and Key – The Thief’s Apprentice Book Three (Feb/March)

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