is my free promo for Kindle! Tomorrow is Comicon! I’m torn between being excited for Comicon, and wanting to be a total hermit and write all day. That’s right, the stereotype is correct. Being an author make you a hermit. Half of the week I don’t even bother to change out of PJ’s. I shower for my boyfriend’s sake. If he weren’t around, I’d be some crazed hairy mountain woman. 

I’m sitting here getting anxious because I’m writing this, instead of working on my next book, but one must breathe I say! Also, one must get dressed occasionally. That’s why tomorrow morning I shall be donning my Team Zissou Jumpsuit and beanie. My boyfriend will then have to chase a slightly inebriated female Steve Zissou around Phoenix while I make all of the other costumed weirdos take pictures of me.


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