Of Love and Sewer Systems

 Zoolanka had spent her entire life in the sewers. Like her fellow sewer-dwellers, she would stick out like a sore thumb in the above world. Really, she would stick out like a thumb with that elephant disease that makes your body parts look like saggy proboscidae skin.

Thus, she stuck to the cold dampness of the sewers. She was moderately content with this. What she was not content with, was that her parents would not allow her to venture past the next U bend without some type of supervision. She was six years old. Not really an adult yet, but close enough.

Sewer folk only live to be around twenty-two, but they mature very fast. When they die, their bodies are cast into the sewage, so that they might remain part of the sewer folk lineage for all time. Zoolanka supposed this was an okay tradition, though she wasn’t sure that she wanted to be part of the sewers forever. Not that she had much choice.

Zoolanka’s parents had her when they were eight, which was around the time that most sewer folk tended to procreate. How could they be old enough for children by eight, but she wasn’t old enough to explore on her own at six? It just wasn’t fair.

The rest of the sewers called to her, regardless of the rules. What called to her even more, was the above world. From the storm drains, she was able to catch bits and pieces of it. She could see the feet of the above worlders as they walked by, and she could see the wheels of the cars. She could also, just barely see a tree or two. In those trees, were birds. She found the birds absolutely fascinating. If only she could be a bird.

That’s the beginning of my new chldren’s/everyone book. Now on Kindle, soon in paperback 🙂




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