I Fail at Blog

Whew, it’s been a while. I had pretty much forgotten about my idea to maintain an author blog in the first place, or even a website for that matter. It would seem my website has disappeared. It wasn’t that nice to begin with. So, I’ll just post updates on here, and maybe my three or so fans will find them.

This isn’t an update actually. Well, actually….my post begins with the fact that I’m writing a new book, so I guess that’s an update. It’s more of a traditional fantasy book. It’s a big undertaking, and I’m loving it as much as it’s driving me bonkers. Anywho, I’m about 80 pages in, and I’m overcome with the need to start changing character names, and I NEVER change character names. I even changed the main character…after 80 pages. Her name just did not fit the way she’s been prattling away in my brain. I wanted to share this with someone, but then I realized that no one cares. I’m sure the two people that will actually read this won’t care, but that’s what blogs are for right? I WILL WRITE ALL OF THE THINGS THAT NO ONE CARES ABOUT. Oooh, I like that. I’ll build up this scenario in my head that people are forced to read my blog, and I’ll laugh maniacally imagining their pain….or something like that…..but yeah…New Book! New Names! Whoo!


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