I am currently attempting something dirty..

…not really. I am actually just attempting my first ever paid advertising, but that heading seemed more interesting. All of you indie authors out there know that advertising can be a bi*&ch and a half. I have a Goodreads, Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Amazon Author Page, and a Twitter. I keep hearing the term author platform, and I think that’s what that means…maybe. Really, I have no idea. Back to the subject at hand.

I have a new book coming out soon, and I want to get my advertising strategies down pat beforehand. So, I’m experimenting in advertising my first book, “Xoe,” which came out four years ago. Trial one is the self advertising available on Goodreads. Basically you put the amount you’re willing to spend total, and the amount you’re willing to spend per click, and you’re good to go. You only get charged per actual click, and not just views. Presumably this means you get charged each time someone that actually might be interested in your book looks at it. Seems legit. I started out with $30, because if I was making enough off of my books to be a rich woman, I probably wouldn’t be worrying about paid advertising in the first place (in other words, I’m poor). We’ll see how it goes. I’ll write a new post in a few days with my results…or lack thereof.


Sorry for all of the exclamation points. This update doesn’t really deserve them. It’s several weeks later, and I’ve seriously been charged for $1.50 of the $30 I put towards the promotion. I realize I was a bit silly to try, given that I’d read about other authors having a lackluster experience as well. I think it comes down to where the ads are actually placed. I made the mistake of not taking a look at that first. They basically show up in a teeny tiny list of covers as the very bottom left of the page. I highly doubt many people actually take a look at those…I know I don’t. So onwards and upwards. I’ve got a few new schemes cooking up, and I’ll be sure and post about them when I’ve got a better idea of how they’ll go. Also, I’m just going to post my book at the bottom of this post. It’s only 99 cents on Amazon. I feel like I could probably get more than three clicks on here. I’m aiming for four. Help a girl out, eh?

Check out my book!!
Check out my book!!

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