Kboards Love

I have this new obsession with Kboards. I’ve never been one to comment on forums, but I’ve recently become addicted. I had no idea that there was a resource where so many authors support, help, and understand each other. This hilarious thread gave me so many warm and fuzzies: http://www.kboards.com/index.php/topic,166882.0.html . They get it, other people know how it feels! I’m bursting with enthusiasm! (I imagine this will wear off once my coffee high plummets). Anywho, authors, get on there. Good people, good ideas, and good laughs.

In other news, my first book “Xoe” is now permafree on Amazon, so if anyone actually reads this, go pick up your free copy on Kindle or Nook, or most any other platform!


Also, I have a bookbub ad coming up! For authors, you know how exciting that can be. Unfortunately it’s still almost a month away, but I’ll be sure and post the results.

That is all. Good day. 



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