My Body is a Failure

I’ve made the transition to full-time writing, and I’m so excited. It would be better though, if my body wasn’t a total failure. I have an old shoulder injury back from my bartending days (hey man, ice buckets are heavy), and I have this weird thing happening to my radial nerve. I’m in for a pretty painful profession.

It seems I can write about eight pages before both factors begin acting up. It is oh-so frustrating when I have a great idea, and I really want to get it out . . . then my body revolts. My brother purchased Dragon Speak software for me, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to use it yet. How will the Dragon Speak pick up the subtle nuances of my writing and punctuate accordingly! I feel like I would end up spending all of my time retyping most of what was typed for me in the first place.

It all brings new meaning to suffering for your art.  


2 thoughts on “My Body is a Failure

  1. I can identify. Finishing my fifth novel and my real job requires that I spend all day on a computer. Some days I feel like my right hand is frozen into the shape of a mouse. I’ve gone to a short therapeutic massage a week — it seems to help. Good luck to and keep writing.

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