Two Days in a Row!

I want to make a real effort to post more on here. Now that I don’t have my old website, this is the main spot where all of my links are gathered together. I’ll probably start posting once a week. I really just need to make myself a schedule. I have major ADD, so I tend to get on a tangent for a while, then I’ll get completely distracted. 

So, today’s post will be about updates, as I haven’t given any in a while, and I’ve had a steady stream of questions coming in.

First, yes there will be more books in my Xoe series. I know it’s been a while since book three came out, so people have started prodding me about it a bit. During the writing of the first three books, I was in school, and working a day job, so things went slowly. Now for the first time ever, I get to focus only on my writing, so I hope to release books a little more often. I’m currently working on the start of a new series. I’m jumping genres…well, really I’m taking a small step into the somewhat related genre of traditional fantasy. Kind of traditional anyhow. Think less Tolkien and more Joseph Lallo. I hope to release this current book by the end of the summer, then I will return to Xoe. After book four in the Xoe series, I’ll likely jump back and forth between the two series (of course, my mood wins out. I don’t guarantee that each series will always get equal attention. 

My point is…that they’re coming. We’re going to make a jump from one book a year to two or three. Heck, maybe even four. We’ll see. 



5 thoughts on “Two Days in a Row!

      1. Bring it. Make a will if you haven’t. Think of Leonidas’ speech in 300. Tell your loved ones goodbye because you’re in a war for people’s attention now. I look forward to it.

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