Challenge Accepted

I have been challenged, and like any self-respecting Capricorn, I find it extremely difficult to refuse a challenge. Since I’m a failure at blogging, kinginascendent has challenged me to write two reviews. One review will be about something I love, and one review will be about something I hate. Today’s review will be about something I love, because it’s all about the looove man. Now, I love a lot of things: ducks, unicorns, coffee….but those things aren’t exactly easy to review, so instead I’m going to review a lovely little game called Machinarium. It’s an indie, and indie games need almost as much love as indie authors…ALMOST.

I found Machinarium one day while scrolling through Play Station Plus, but it is also available on PC, iPad, and many other platforms. The first thing I fell in love with about Machinarium was the art. Here’s a picture of the game cover:

Machinarium is a puzzle game. I absolutely adore puzzle games of most any nature, but the set up of this game really puts it above so many others. The puzzles are HARD. Now, you might go and play it, and think I’m an idiot..but whatever. I thought they were pretty darn difficult. Yet they aren’t just difficult for the sake of difficulty. They are the type of puzzles that actually make sense once you finally solve them. Also, robots! My only complaint is that the game is short. I plan on waiting a year or so (or until I forget all of the puzzles) then I’m playing that sucker again. 

That is all. I’m almost as bad at reviews as I am at blogging! Stay tuned for something I hate, and here is one more pretty picture of Machinarium. 





3 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. Hey your post is great! Learning how to write for an audience should be easy to pick up if you’re an author. You just have to predict the questions your readers will have so all they can say at the end is wow!

    I enjoy your easy writing style. I’ll be reading more!

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