Fantasy Romance Serial

We’ll I’ve gone and published a serial. I’ve heard that serials get a lot of hate, but whatever. I love the writing style, and I love the story I’ve come up with, so I’m doing it. I would love it if you, gentle readers, would go and check it out.

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7 thoughts on “Fantasy Romance Serial

  1. sara…thanx for liking my latest piece. I went to amazon and bought this for 3.99. i’ll give it a read as I like the paranormal in the different genres. i’ll give ya some thoughts afterwards.

      1. I’ve done some reading and I have to admit that when snakes come into the picture I start to get squeamish. After I saw the word snake man, I immediately had a flashback to a movie I saw in the seventies. I was quite young 13 and it involved a man being converted into a snake. It is my impression the movie is called “sssssss” as that best fits my recollection and what sticks out the most is when he is completely converted it lashes out in some fashion. I’m a poet, so I’ve got lots of feel, nevertheless, I put a finger on the name Alaric as i’d be inclined to believe “lair” is connected as to the den. I’d have to say you’ve done a great deal of research as well. By all means, it’s got the pace and pulse as it keeps the reader engaged. Certainly I could see this move into script. One of they key words I see in this is the word “empath.” That’s a feel word for sure. I myself am not good with horror, but for those that do, it certainly has a draw. Hopefully, you will give me some credit for the feedback.

  2. sara….i’m at 19% in the read. initial thoughts. it has a great pace and pulse. the descriptions of characters are great. the darkened reality speaks volumes n love the mythological feel as I move along in it. i’d love to send a personal feel directly privately if that can be achieved.

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