Alleged Halloween Release

*side note, 31st post on October 31st!*

For some reason Amazon is taking a VERY long time to publish “Falling Betwixt”. If things had gone how they were supposed to, I was going to do a special 99 cent day on the title for Halloween, but that’s not possible if the title isn’t published! Looks like I’ll be celebrating the holiday by waiting in front of the computer. As soon as the book pops up, I’ll link it here, and the 99 cent price will remain for at least 24 hours.

While we wait, I’ve decided to possibly revamp the covers for the Xoe series. What do you guys think?



4 thoughts on “Alleged Halloween Release

  1. I’m getting published sometime next year. I write science fiction/fantasy stories with a very Japanese manga-esque flair to them, as you probably saw from my characters. I wish you the best of luck with this work.

  2. The cover of the first book doesn’t fit with the rest so I would if I were you. I’m writing a novella while writing my first novel. I write my fun novella during writer’s block and boom more creativity. Indie authors unite! Lol.

    1. Yeah that’s what I felt like too. I wrote them when I was in school, so my releases were so spaced out that none of my covers were really cohesive. Also, glad I’m not the only crazy person that works on more than one book at once! *Indie author fist bump* haha.

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