Dragon Age reviews are out!

…and they’re amazing, of course. I personally enjoyed IGN’s article which can be seen here: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/11/11/dragon-age-inquisition-review .


So, is anyone else SO FRIGGIN EXCITED?! I’ve been waiting for this game for over a year, and it’s probably the biggest game release for me EVER. I believe the only other thing I was this excited for was Skyrim, and as a big fan of Morrowind and Oblivion, I was a bit let down. As far as I can tell, Dragon Age Inquisition has maintained the awesome quirkiness of Origins and Dragon Age 2 (yes, I enjoyed both, so sue me), while adding SO MUCH EXTRA COOL STUFF. Which extra cool things am I the most excited about? Well I’ll tell you:

1) HUGE gameworld. Fans of the previous games will recall the small scale of the previous maps. In Origins you could basically only hop from location to location, with nothing in between except the occasional, slightly frustrating darkspawn battle. Dragon Age 2 gave us a little more freedom…slightly. I recall being excited about running around the Wounded Coast and Sundermount for about the first ten minutes, at least. Well Inquisition is going to blow those previous maps out of the water with Elder Scroll like scale. Bigger than Elder Scrolls actually (at least I think, don’t quote me on that). For the first time in a Dragon Age game we’ll have free-reign to explore for hours upon hours.

2) SO. MUCH. CONTENT. Word on the street is that Inquisition has a ridiculous amount of things to do, and none of it is filler. I’ve seen a few claims that people’s games are lasting around ninety hours, and that’s without doing all of the side stuff. Now, I’m not ashamed at all to admit that I’ve easily put 90 hours into the previous two Dragon Age games, but that’s with multiple playthroughs  (I’m a trophy hoarder. Some day I’ll get those platinums). I like to run around and do every single tiny little thing there is to do. I even walk slowly so I can hear every conversation my companions have. Inquisition will probably last me like, 300 hours, and it will be time well spent.

3) Speaking of companions…they look awesome! I’m excited that Varric is back. He pretty much made Dragon Age 2 with his snark. If I can’t have Zevran back (I’ll take a moment to send out a plea to Bioware, please bring Zevran back!), then Varric is my next choice. Besides Varric, I wasn’t really impressed with Dragon Age 2 companions, and found myself missing Morrigan, Wynn, Shale, and of course, ZEVRAN.  The videos I’ve watched have me excited about the new companions, especially Dorian and Sera. I think we’ll see the more in-depth interactions of Origins, plus much, much more. And did I mention Dorian?


He may be a male-only romance, but still, hello handsome.

4) Character customization. I’m a sucker for character customization. Though I liked the look of Dragon Age 2 characters, there were very few options to choose from. It looks like Inquisition is going to one-up all previous rpgs with its character customization. We have four races to choose from, and infinite aesthetics. What’s more is that the characters actually look good. Like seriously good.

There are so many more things I could list, but I really want to head over to youtube to watch some more review videos, sooooo……


10 thoughts on “Dragon Age reviews are out!

      1. Aw lame, there have been so many server problems since Destiny came out. This is why I always have my ps3 hooked up so I can just play all of my offline games ;).

    1. I was anxiously awaiting the reviews (even though I already pre-ordered it, so it’s not like they’d make a difference in me buying it), but now I’m more excited than ever! I enjoyed 2 once I gave it a chance, but it simply couldn’t compare to Origins.

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