A Touch of Romance

I give up. As hard as I’ve worked against it, I’m pretty sure I’m a romance writer. I love action, adventure, mystery, and all of the other aspects of fantasy writing, but romance is simply what drives me. Romance is the part I love most in my favorite books and movies (even books and movies that are hardly about romance at all), and I can’t help but include it in all of my books. Seeing a romance develop between my characters is stupidly exciting for me, and the whole process is bordering on addiction.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that my new Epic Fantasy Series has evolved into a romance. My brother is going to be disappointed, as he was looking forward to me writing a book that would be more his speed. Sorry brother, but my protagonist couldn’t help falling in love. It happens to the best of us…if we’re lucky :).


27 thoughts on “A Touch of Romance

  1. Well, if there’s one thing the world needs more of, wouldn’t it be romance?. Seriously, most of our best writers are romantics (not just Jane Austen) who include serious love stories in their books. More power to you.

  2. I think that even action, adventure and mystery novels are improved by love stories along the way.Love and romance are part of everyday life after all, so why leave them out? Your books are likely to be more rounded with the inclusion of a little romance.

  3. Not a huge fan of romances myself, but when the romance is wrapped up in action, thrills or fantasy, I will read it. Consider Kate Elliot’s Cold Magic series. A strong element of that fantasy is a love story, but it’s palatable to us non-romance readers. In fact, I actually liked how she did it.

  4. Go for it! I’m kinda finding the same thing happen to me. Besides, you can always turn to the other genres later, or mix and match genres (which is always very fun and interesting).

  5. Even the hardiest action or adventure stories have the slightest hint at a romance in them. Enough to keep the closet romantics engrossed. I love that you found your ‘niche’. I love to write but haven’t quite got to the point where I know what I feel most comfortable writing about. For now, I am satisfied with my rambling musings but long for my Eureka moment! πŸ™‚

  6. Interesting. Though I tend to write dark fiction/horror, I have found that a couple of flash fiction pieces I’ve written that involve love have been some of the more satisfying pieces I’ve written. Though I don’t write romance in general, I must confess to really liking romance in movies. I’m not sure what all that means, but this seemed like a good place to mention it πŸ™‚ Perhaps I just need to start adding romance to my stories, regardless?

  7. Hi Sara. It’s nice to meet you! I also have had similar thoughts on writing romance recently. I always wrote and read adventure but had always felt there was something missing. When I started writing romance, I knew what it was, and decided to combine my love for action-adventure with romance, emphasizing the romantic, hopefully drawing both men and women readers. There is something that touches us deep in our soul when we fall in love and experience it vicariously in a story. I wish you all the best as you embark on that writing journey.

  8. Yeah, love in the books just happens without warning just like in real life. I experienced it in my very my first love novel and enjoyed writing it, every moment of it, had to make some diversions and it worked well!

  9. Well just because people fall in love, doesn’t make it a romance. ^-^ I’ve read a couple epic fantasies, and MANY sword and sorcery stories where people fall in love all over the place. Any story can benefit from some good relationships. I think romance is technically when you start with the relationship as your goal and build the rest of the story around it. When your characters just start falling in love on you… I think that just means you’re writing them well. ^-^ Also, you’re probably a romantic.

  10. All you need is love~

    It’s silly of some people to say that romance in a book is pointless, superfluous, and just for sale. Love is in many ways what makes people grow and develop as a human being. Love can change a person for the better…or the worse. People dream of love, sing of love, care because of love, are kinder because of love, but they also travel across the world in search of love, fight against their demons because of love…kill because of love…

    Love is all around πŸ™‚

  11. I read an interview with Kurt Vonnegut, from the ’80s I think, in which he suggested the consummation of a romantic sub-plot was the effective end of dramatic tension, and, therefore, that he always placed the end of the romance at the very end, or after the end :b, of the story.

    I understand his perspective, in a way. The consummation of a ‘fairytale romance’ definitely marks the end of the tale, but, to get Darwinian for a moment, reproduction is second only to survival for any organic species. So, as long as one depicts human characters struggling at survival and procreation, there is no more relatable and universal a plot.

    On a side note, sorry to comment on a months old post. And, contributing my two cents, I really like to read posts by writers on writing. You might blather on more about your process if you’re of a mind. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts πŸ™‚


    1. I appreciate you two-cents regardless of timeliness (especially since your two-cents involves my favorite author)! I’ll have to consider a writing process post, though it will go something like, *randomly browse internet, bang head on desk multiple times, drink four more cups of coffee, write for two hours after four hours of procrastination, collapse from exhaustion and have anxiety until I can start the whole process over again* πŸ˜‰

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