A Great Read for Fantasy Writers..

I just came across this article. It’s a few years old, but highly useful if you’re attempting to write epic fantasy. Definitely worth a read:



10 thoughts on “A Great Read for Fantasy Writers..

  1. I think that consistency is the ultimate arbiter of a good fantasy story. If you can give a sense that the world carries on past the story you’re telling then a reader will forgive any number of sins. It’s a great way to get the imagination fired up as well.

  2. Hi

    First…thank you for the follow.
    I agree with one of the posts above, consistency is key. I think that even if your writing a series that may contain different plot lines the fact that you keep the building blocks of the world you created and their is a common thread throughout the entire series that readers will be more apt to return to your work.

    I look forward to reading some of your books. My interest has been highly peeked. As a new author I look toward others, such as yourself, for inspiration.

      1. I am thrilled to know that a writer that has accomplished all you have is going to read my work. I look forward to your feedback. I’m new to the literary world of writing and I admire what you have done.
        I also can’t wait to sink my teeth into Xoe. I love series like this!!!!

  3. This is really interesting. It asks about stuff I’d never really considered (a sign I shouldn’t write fantasy if there ever was one), but they really are important once you think it through.

    Personally, my big pet peeve when it comes to fantasy is the “tavern” genre. That’s a dumb term, but I made it up one day and am stuck with it: you know, that kind of fantasy where all the dwarves live in mountains and elves in the forest, and the heroes ALWAYS go to a tavern and drinks pints of ale and mead, there are wenches and brawls and . . . ugh. It’s just so cliched. Everyone’s trying to be Tolkien and I’m sick of it. 😛

    1. Agreed! I see no problem with authors using elves and dwarves in their stories, but those races in particular are too often typecasted. One reason I’ve always loved R.A. Salvatore is that he takes these common races and actually makes them his own.

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