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Scrolling through my wordpress reader, I am seeing a lot of hate for the hobbit movies. Now, I read both the Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy growing up, well before they became movies. LOTR was a little slow for me, especially as a seventh grader, but I absolutely loved the Hobbit growing up, and read it several times. That being said, I also love the Hobbit movies, like seriously LOVE them. I’m the type that will watch movies over and over, to the point where anyone else in the house has been driven completely mad, so I’ve watched the first two hobbit movies a good twenty times a piece.

Personally, I don’t really understand all of the hatred towards them. The Hobbit was a wonderful book, and the movies are wonderful movies. Did any of us really expect three epic-sized movies to stick to the plot-line of a tiny book? We already have a lovely animated version of the book to watch, and I’m personally thankful for the new adultish versions. Sure, the elf/dwarf romance was a completely new addition, and as I recall, Kili the dwarf had a very small part in the book, and now he seems to be one of the main stars in the movies, but have you seen the guy?


I’m not going to complain about him getting a little extra air-time. As for the romance…well, anyone who’s read my previous posts knows how I feel about romances. Romance was something I desperately wanted in the LOTR books and movies (sorry, Arwen and Aragorn just didn’t do it for me). This much hated elf/dwarf romance is probably my favorite part of the movies.

This fine romance is balanced out by the roles of Smeagol and Smaug. I loved both characters in the book, and I love them in the movies. How anyone could watch the first hobbit movie, and not watch the Smeagol scene over and over again is beyond me. Is it scrumptious?! Yes, precious, it is.

I haven’t seen the Battle of the Five Armies yet, as I live in a very small town without a movie theater, but you bet your butt I’ll be seeing it at some point during my Christmas travels. When it comes out on DVD, I will buy it immediately, and my boyfriend will get a little more variety as I proceed to watch it over and over again, along with the other two. He’s just lucky I haven’t bought a Kili poster to hang over our bed….because I totally thought about it.


33 thoughts on “The Hobbit Movies…

  1. I love the book and I am actually really happy that they manage to make three movies out of it. Tolkien is one of my favourite authors and I believe the movies based on his books would inspire the new generation to read more of Tolkien.

  2. Think alot of people hate on the Hobbit movies without actually even watching them. Take me for instance, I hated the LOTR franchise and judged Hobbit films based on my horrible experience with LOTR trilogy. Someone told me to give this trilogy a shot and I said I’ll watch the first two films after Christmas

      1. I always had a theory that it was impossible to be a Harry Potter fan and LOTR fan at the same time. I was proven wrong recently….still may need your encouragement in case I change my mind after Christmas

  3. Well said. I haven’t read them, but the movies are great. I think An Unexpected Journey was drawn out a bit, but that’s a minor criticism. I loved Smaug in the second movie, and can’t wait to see him in action.

    I think some people just need to hate on things to feel relevant.

    1. That’s true, I suppose hate and scathing reviews get more attention than being positive. I think people also just get too hung up on movies needing to be exactly like the books they’re based on. Books and movies are two very different animals, so I really don’t think following a great book exactly would necessarily make a great movie.

  4. I haven’t read either series but they’re both on my list to read! All of the people that I know who are fans of the books love the movie, I’m surprised that so many other people don’t.

  5. I read the books nearly 30 years ago. I find the current generation hasn’t and is caught in “Harry Potterism”. I think the frankly the depth of the story line may be too much for many to comprehend. Rather than try, people hate.

    1. I agree. I’m 27, and most of my peers haven’t read them. In fact, I only know one other person my age that has…although I also read all of the Harry Potter books and loved those too :).

  6. Hear Hear! I agree. I saw The Hobbit movie marathon the other day. Nine hours of popcorn and soda in a movie theater. Having already seen the first two movies, I’d resigned myself to getting a nap in at some point. However I stayed up through out. The first movie, went by in a flash. I got a little tired at the end of the second, but rebounded for the third. Very fun and totally worth it. I don’t generally rewatch or reread stuff, but Tolkien is an exception. Jackson’s take on the stories is a great compliment to the source material and the changes he made work well in the adaptions. The director has the soul of the story and stays true to it. Excellent works.

  7. I loved the Hobbit (the book) but couldn’t enjoy the LotR books. Too dry for me. Conversely I love the LotR movies but despise the Hobbits movies. The LotR movies made the stories approachable while the Hobbit story, a breezy and delightful adventure, into an overblown and bloated pseudo-epic. Just my opinions though.

      1. I usually do. I guess as the Hobbit was such a loved part of my childhood that the additions were too much. That being said Martin Freeman was am incredible Bilbo.

    1. I totally agree! I loved the Hobbit, and didn’t really care for LOTR (although I found that only half of them were rather slow – the second half of book 1, first half of book 2, and everything after chapter 3 in book 3 were all pretty good). But the LOTR movies were excellent (I think because they sped up the slow parts, or otherwise put them between more exciting parts) and I’m really not loving the Hobbit movies so far. They’ve been long and drawn out imo. I was hoping for more of a light-hearted romp, rather than the three movie epic.

  8. I haven’t read the book yet, but after seeing the first two movies, it quickly made its way to my to-read shelf. I used to think that you couldn’t be a Harry Potter fan and a LOTR/Hobbit fan, but that quickly changed with the Hobbit movie!

  9. I’ve only recently seen the desolation of smaug. Sure it deviates from the book, but the book unadulterated wouldn’t make for good movies. And while an elf-dwarf relationship might seem a bit weird to purists, I also liked it. It added a different dimension to the humour, kinda poignant, and low key.

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