Updates on all of the things!

I’ve been swamped with edits, and haven’t posting in quite some time…but I don’t really have the energy for a full-blown post, so I’m just going to be lazy and list off some updates on my books and whatnot.

1) There are only nine days left to enter to win free signed books! One person will even win a set of four books! The details can be found here (and as I keep forgetting to mention, winners must live in the U.S. sorry 😦 ): Print Book Giveaway

2) ^^^^I totally just figured out how to do proper wordpress links!

3) I will be releasing a new epic fantasy book within the next month. Apparently as an author, I should have a cover reveal, first chapter reveal, etc., and I’ll probably do those things..probably.

4) Book Five of the Xoe Meyers series is in the works. A cover reveal for this book will definitely be happening, as I feel that at least two people might actually be excited about this (these two people are my best friend and my mother).

That’s all folks, don’t forget to enter to win free books, all it takes is a mailing list sign up! I’ll try and keep things up-to-date here, but when I don’t, it just means that I’m hard at work writing!


8 thoughts on “Updates on all of the things!

    1. Oh no! I’ll have to think of something to do if someone out of country gets drawn D:. Don’t know why I didn’t think of such complications earlier..maybe a free ebook, or Amazon voucher. I’ll figure something out!

      1. Not to worry, I’m sure you’ll come up with something. I was looking forward to wining the prize, though! And, at least you’ve told everyone now.

        It might not happen. It might be a person in the US who wins anyway.

        All the best,


      2. Yeah I just feel bad because i didn’t think of it to begin with! Shipping in the US is bad enough, anywhere else would break the bank. Thanks for understanding though!

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