Short hair don’t care.


Well, I’ve gone and chopped all of my hair off again. It’s strange how hair can become such a large part of your identity. I had hair down to my waist in my younger years, and I’ve grown it to that length a few times since. I always tell myself that I want long hair and I refuse to cut it…then it reaches a certain length and I feel weighed down. Eventually I get so irritated that I cut it off, and suddenly I feel like a new person. I feel ambitious and confident in my abilities. I feel like nothing can stand in my way…but it’s just hair. I suppose the only real change is that I’ll use less shampoo, and I will have to start wearing sunscreen on my neck. Still, it feels damn good to have short hair again.


30 thoughts on “Short hair don’t care.

      1. LOL Everybody always tells me I’m crazy cutting my own hair. I’ve been doing it for years and actually think I’ve gotten pretty good. But I guess its easier since my hair’s curly and I try to layer it. That even hides the random uneven spots when I straighten it. And in the end it’s just hair it grows back.

      2. Haha me too! I’ve had my hair cut professionally only a few time and it was always such a bad experience that I just started doing it myself. Like you said, layers make it pretty easy :).

  1. Loved your post and your short hair.
    I cut my hair a few weeks as well, had about 4-6 inches cut off and it felt soooo good (the change and how free it felt, and how light) and then yesterday I happened to see pictures of when my hair was down to almost my waist straight (I have naturally curly hair) and I almost cried. I’d love to have it long again, but then the short hair feels so good (and I look younger with short hair, but… the long hair is so pretty…what a conundrum…).

  2. There’s short. Then there’s really short. Then there’s really, really, really short. Then there’s shiny short. You’re lookin’ good. But I’d stay away the last to I mentioned.

  3. Short is soooo much easier to manage. I used to reguarly let mine grow to waist length. My hair fine and thick. Everytime I washed it was like weight lifting… Mines really short now, and my head feels feather light.

  4. Nice new hair. šŸ™‚ I’ve wished several times I was brave enough to cut mine off. I’ve had it long since childhood. I feel like I’d be losing a part of me without it. And then I feel stupid for feeling like that.

    Either way, the short hair suits you.

  5. I love short hair… it’s just so easy to manage… of course only twice in my life have I managed to get my hair down almost to my shoulders… by the time it starts getting past my chin I start getting irritated by it… but usually what happens is I have a bad day and I look at myself in the mirror and the only thing that will make me feel better is if I chop my hair off… yes I cut my own hair… usually turns out pretty good… but there’s something freeing about seeing my hair get shorter and shorter that suddenly makes my problems seem less worrisome… it might sound crazy but hey there are worse ways to deal I guess…

  6. i try to let my hair grow long ever since i cut it (12 years ago)
    i love the short hair tho, but sometimes u see those girls with the long curls and i can’t stop thinking, that would be awesome!
    but i never get far.
    when it comes to that point where you can’t do anything with it and ur hair just looks weird… i always cut it again and feel better.

    the short looks great on you, and i think u can go ever shorter!
    something asymmetric mabye šŸ™‚

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