Happy Belated Valentine’s Day and Stuff….

I’m on the side of thinking Valentine’s Day is kind of silly, but I’m also of the mind that silly things should be fun. Though I’ve been in a committed relationship for several years, I decided that Valentine’s this year would be a girl’s day. We wore all black, we shopped, we wined and dined each other, we took what we’d hoped would be a Shining-esque photo, and it was all pretty goddamn fabulous. I hope the rest of you had a wonderful day as well, no matter how you chose to celebrate or not celebrate.


9 thoughts on “Happy Belated Valentine’s Day and Stuff….

  1. My sisters and I do things together now that we are older and employed. lol All three of us are single so we buy gifts, eat pizza and watch movies. This year we made the pizza ourselves and I now have a burn to show for it.

    I thought we were the only ones that did this. Kudos and Cute Outfits

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