I never said I was logical…

Ok, so I know that in these modern times Facebook likes are pretty useless. Most of the posts coming from a page won’t even be seen by that page’s “likers”, and I rarely post on mine regardless. Still…I really want to get to 500….mostly so I can gloat to my boyfriend. So pretty please give me a like? I can almost guarantee that you won’t ever have to see a post from me :).


P.S. If you suffer from the same compulsion to get likes, link your page in a comment and I’ll return the favor.

Also, the picture of my rabbit was an elaborate ruse to draw you in, as this post has nothing to do with cuteness. That being said, her name is Blob, and she is a little furry ball of nightmares.


30 thoughts on “I never said I was logical…

  1. FB seems determined to silence pages that don’t pay-to-promote, greedy buggerers. They recently “fixed” it so it is almost impossible to even share a link from your page to any groups or friends. I keep searching for work-arounds.
    That being said, I have liked your page. Here is mine. http://facebook.com/Waves.of.Darkness Pirates that aren’t nice; vampires that don’t sparkle

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