Oh Xoe, how I have missed you.

While I’m anxiously awaiting the final edits on “Tree of Ages”, I’ve had the chance to get back to work on book five of the Xoe series. I’ve taken breaks from the series before (most of them much longer than this most recent break…but hey, I haven’t always been able to write full time), and every time I go back I’m struck with an almost guilty feeling. I feel like I’ve had this friend just sitting there, waiting for attention while I neglected her needs. Okay, that sounds sort of creepy, but I wrote the first Xoe book back in 2009. I’m attached, okay?

I’ve always been an avid reader, especially in my teen years, and I would get attached to those characters as well. It was pure torture for me when I had to wait a year for the next book in one of my favorite series. I would miss the characters so much that I would just have to reread the previous books until I could get my greedy little hands on the latest. I have books in my collection that I have reread cover to cover over 20 times a piece. As I write this I’m beginning to think that maybe I have a problem…but whatever, back to what I was saying.

I miss my characters like they’re actual people that I know, and I get kind of sad when I think about the fact that they don’t actually exist. When I’m writing I get so into the moment that it’s almost like I’m reading someone else’s story, and waiting to see where it will go. With this thought, I inevitably have to think about the eventual end of the Xoe series (I’m not crying now or anything *sniffle*). I plan on there at least being two more books (including the one I’m currently working on), but realistically there could be 3-5 more. On one hand I’m excited to see where Xoe will end up. I’m a panster all the way, so I don’t even know how book five is going to end yet, let alone the whole series. At the same time I’m terrified. I plan on putting two Xoe books out this year, and if the series continues, the final one or two will hopefully be in 2016. So, in the end the series will have taken me seven years to write. HOW CAN I LOSE ALL OF THESE FRIENDS I’VE HAD FOR SEVEN YEARS.

I guess I’ll have to just put on my big girl pants and keep writing. There will be other series, right? I’ll admit that I’ve already grown highly attached to my characters in “Tree of Ages”, and that series will have at least four books, hopefully more. There’s still hope for more literary friends in the future. (I have real life friends too, I swear). In the mean time, I’ll just keep on writing, and if the Xoe series decides to end this year, well, I may just eventually have to do a “Where are they now?” style installment, you know, just to be a good friend and all.


2 thoughts on “Oh Xoe, how I have missed you.

  1. Oh my gosh, I’ve only read a few pages into the ebook, but I am so far in love! It’s totally relatable (besides the vampires, werewolves and demons). I don’t really read much, but when I like a book, I don’t put it down, and this is DEFINITELY going to be one of those books!!

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