A fun little list :)

My virtual friend Caroline is putting together this fun list of favorite literary characters. I think it would be neat to get a bunch of people in on it, so click on over and add yours if you have the time!



7 thoughts on “A fun little list :)

  1. Here is my list:

    1. Hermione Granger- Hermione is bright, friendly, as well as brave. Her character grows so much in the series. She is smart enough to be in Ravenclaw, yet bravery is her strongest trait. She’s a great friend to Harry and a strong ally. She cares more about her education and future than good looks which is admirable at her young age.

    2. Luna Lovegood- She is one of my favorite characters. She is strange and seen as crazy. Luna is her own person which makes her remember able. Above all she is sweet and IMO should have been Harry Potters wife instead of Ginny.

    3 and 4. Mr. Beaver and Ms.Beaver- They’re an adorable couple. They do not hide their love for each other. Both are clever characters in Narnia.

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