A Late Cover Reveal!

So I was impatient and put the cover for Xoe #5 in my banner before I had the chance to do the official cover/title reveal spiel….so I’m just going to do it anyhow! Book Five of the Xoe Meyers Series will be titled “Forgotten Fires” and has a TENTATIVE release date of May 18th. I say tentative because I’m still writing it, and life is, well, life. At my current rate, It may actually be released sooner, but I make no promises. I have a wedding to attend this weekend that will take me out of town for four days, then there will be everything to catch up on once I’m back….so we’ll see.

All of that being said, I’m very excited to be writing full-time in Xoe’s world again. A lot of stuff is going to go down in this book, and I’m actually not sure where Xoe will end up. Hopefully she’ll let me know what she decides soon ;D.


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