Goals and New Glasses

Who here sets yearly goals? I’ve never really tried before, but as I’ve been particularly motivated this year, I’m going to give it a shot.
1) publish 2-3 more books in the Xoe series and publish 2 more books in,the Tree of Ages series.
2) become proficient at outlining in order to meet said publishing goals.
3) save up enough money to take the boy and myself on a trip to Ireland in the Fall.
4) continue learning French…eventually speak it in full sentences.
5) relearn to play the piano (I played when I was younger, but am now quite rusty).

I might add more as I think of them…or I might erase some when the end of the year comes and I feel humiliated that I didn’t accomplish any of my goals. What are your goals? Please tell me so that I can steal them and label them as my own >:D.

P.S. I got new glasses. The better to see my goals with.



31 thoughts on “Goals and New Glasses

    1. Well I’m for sure publishing one of the books listed in my goals within the next month, so that should keep this from being a horrible, depressing mistake…right?…Right?!

  1. I prefer setting more “by this date I want ____” goals. Rather than a year because I always go “I’ve got time” and then don’t ever do anything. But for me it’s much more pressing to say “I want to have this much money saved by ____” or “I want to have gone here by whenever” idk. Yearly goals are such a struggle for me!

    1. I tend to do the whole “I have time” think as well, haha. I have dates in mind for things like the Ireland trip, as I totally see what you’re saying, but I am a TOTAL failure at setting writing deadlines. My writing goals are more of an estimate of how much I’ll end up doing if I keep going at my current rate ;p

      1. It will be tough for me, not having any kind of juice. Especially during weekdays when I’m at work. But I hear it’s healthier and better for your skin, so I want to give it a shot.

  2. Having spent about 30 years in a job where I was constantly creating, tracking and evaluating goals, both for myself and for employees, I now never expect to do it again. And I would not make 5 days with no coffee.

  3. Yeah goals need to be ‘doable’ and I think you need to want to do them or they become a burden or create anxieties! I agree, not drinking coffee or less coffee just ain’t happenin’ but I’d like to play more piano, read more books (need to create more time!), start writing my own book and go for more walks!

    1. Oh I need to add the more books and more walks! Those are both things that have been suffering due to my other goals, haha. I suppose the real goal should be “find balance”.

  4. Those are some great goals! Mine are similar. I want to self-publish a minimum of four books this year, and I want to save money to take my kids to Costa Rica. I would also like to attend a writers conference. Oh, and I need to get some glasses!

  5. I think goals are awesome and motivating if you make them achievable. What is also nice is at the end of a year jotting down your accomplishments or jotting them down as you accomplish them. Then when you look back you’ll be amazed of the things you’ve done (even the small ones). Good luck!

  6. I think your goals are excellent, and quite doable. ^-^

    This is my second year of giving myself yearly goals. I did pretty okay last year, with 3 or so. So, I gave myself a few more this year. ^-^ I’ve already crossed a few off my list:
    -Go to a conference or other writer’s event
    -Edit “Take Me On”
    -Start sending out some stories to magazines and the like

    I don’t know if it’s just having the goals that has motivated me, or perhaps posting them on the internet where (in theory at least) a bunch of people would know if I failed. 😄 Either way, it works!

    1. My hope is the latter, that I’ll feel more motivated if people can hold me accountable, but either way congrats on already reaching so many goals, and good luck on the rest of them!

  7. Have you ever read The Nerdist Way by Chris Hardwick?

    One of the suggestions that helped me stick to my goals was to break them down into components and give myself credit for accomplishing the pieces, with a ‘level up’ when I accomplish a long term goal.

    I’ve found that setting it up like that keeps me from getting frustrated with timelines, and even when I forget to keep track of it, it’s surprising how much I stick to the path I set out for myself.

    So, to answer you question, I don’t do yearly goals, I just do short term parts with an extra reward for completing them on time. So, basically, I’m a third grader.

    1. Lol, an interesting concept, I’ll have to look that book up! If these goals become too overwhelming maybe I’ll switch to your strategy (and delete all evidence that I made the yearly goals to begin with ;p).

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