A few little exciting updates!

First, the release date for book five of the Xoe Series has been set! “Forgotten Fires” will be available on all digital platforms and in print on May 23rd.

Second, some platforms will have pre-orders some will not. If you’re a Kobo customer, you can pre-order a copy right this very moment by following the link below :). The pre-order for ibooks will be available within the next 12 hours or so (I’ll update here when I have the link), but no other pre-orders will be listed, sorry!

Kobo Pre-order

Third, I’m expanding distribution a little bit. The Xoe Series is now available on DriveThruFiction, and will soon be on Google Play as well (once again, I’ll update links when I have them). If things go well on these vendors, the Tree of Ages series will be offered there as well.


Google Play Books

That’s all folks! I likely won’t post much in the next week as final edits are made on “Forgotten Fires”, but I’ll be back to annoy everyone once everything is finished!


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