Outlining Part Two


You guys, outlining is hard. Outlining a book with 8+ different perspectives is downright torture, but I would be so lost without it. Above is a picture of my basic outlines for each character (not filled out yet). Once those are done I can write the actual outline with all of the scenes in order. Don’t mind my messy bed. I don’t have time for trivial things like cleaning…or eating, or sleeping. I’m outlining. *applies war paint and draws sword*

Time to conquer this beast (and by conquer, I mean curl up in the fetal position and cry for a few hours).

In other news, Tree of Ages Book #2 comin at ya soon!


21 thoughts on “Outlining Part Two

  1. I find this too difficult to do, so I actually rely on the characters themselves to write the story for me. I give them very basic plotlines to follow, and then I just see what comes out the other end. To do this I use a very detailed character interview, so I know my characters better than I know myself. I might not like what happens, but it always makes for a fun ride 🙂 besides, I hate outlining!

    1. Haha good point. I do that with my Xoe series, but it’s single perspective and each book is 45-50K words. I did the same with my first tree of ages book, but having 8 perspectives and 80K words meant that it took a whooole lot of rewriting to make everything work. I’m aiming for 120K for this next one, and I’m adding one or two perspectives. Just the thought of doing it without an outline…*shudder*

  2. Good luck with this!! I’ve been in a grueling outlining stage too — all I can say is, when everything starts falling beautifully into place, all the work you put into outlining is *so* worth it.

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