The Birds!

First, I’d like to thank all of you that reached out to me when Blob (my rabbit) died. I was really taken aback by your kindness, and it’s such an overwhelming, lovely feeling to experience that sense of community from people I’ve never even met.

This post is going to be a little more cheerful, because we are in the midst of a bird invasion! It started out with a two little nests, one inhabited by swallows, and one by phoebes. Now the swallows have called for reinforcements, and we have over forty swallows nesting all around the property. It’s almost a little Alfred Hitchcock out there, and I’m just glad that I don’t have any bird phobias. They get a little upset when we go outside, and will fly around within a few feet of you…I’ve even had one bump into my head.

One of many nests.

To add to the chaos, we have a ridiculous amount of hummingbirds hanging out. Unlike the swallows, they’ll come up and buzz your head on purpose. My boyfriend jokes that they like me because I eat so much fruit, which I’m fine with, but it’s a little scary when they come up and stare you right in the eye.

Cucumber Bloom.

If I need to escape the birds, I run to my garden. I’ve never been great at gardening, but for some reason (probably sorcery), my garden has taken off this year. I have a picture of this idyllic moment where I’ll get to eat fresh cantaloupe from my garden while sitting outside and listening to all of the birds chatter. It will probably turn into me getting attacked by sugar hungry birds, dropping my cantaloupe, and getting covered in bird poop…but I’m going to try it anyhow.

Cantaloupe plant. Large and in charge.

I’m still sad, but the overwhelming sense of chaotic life around me is a welcome surprise.

“And so it goes.” -Kurt Vonnegut


15 thoughts on “The Birds!

  1. I loved hearing about the birds. I think it’s a bumper crop year for humming birds–we’ve got an unusual amount here in northern NM, too. Your garden looks great.

  2. I’mI so sorry about your bunny, it’s so sad to lose these precious creatures thank you for the beautiful article. Birds are so sweet to watch.

  3. We have two bird feeders and a diet cake holder in my yard, all right by our back porch. We have to fill all of them almost daily, but I love watch all of the different birds that come to visit, even if they’re all terribly shy and run off if someone moves too quickly behind the glass slider. No hummingbirds here, though, despite the feeder we have hanging.

  4. I’m very sorry to hear about your rabbit… it sounds like he or she had a great life with you…

    Your garden sounds very magical! I love hummingbirds, I saw them in Brazil before but we don’t have them here in London. I wish we did! But we Robin Red Breasts and all the other wonderful birds make up for it πŸ™‚

    1. Oh I wasn’t aware that you don’t have hummingbirds over there. Sad! I imagine the weather would be too much for them though. We have a few robins over here, but ours have yellow breasts πŸ™‚

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