Another Free Book :)

I’m already going to fail at my 3 days, 3 quotes challenge, because I’m excited to announce that I’m not offering another book for free (and I don’t like doing more than one post per day)! The book is the intro to my revamped Vaettir Serial, and, well, it’s free! Info and buy links below :). P.S. I will post day two of the quote challenge tomorrow.


“We laughed together, covered in blood and surrounded by corpses, and I knew my life would never be the same again.”

In the middle of the night, Madeline is snatched from her life of chosen solitude into a world where she might actually belong. Due to her empathy and other “gifts”, Madeline is a danger to humans, and finds solace with others like her, despite the fact that they’re also her kidnappers. Still, she knows she should escape, but something about dark, but oddly comforting Alaric has her debating her choices, and questioning her moral fiber.



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