Book Release Day!


Book Four of the Bitter Ashes Series is out! If you like Norse Myths, Vikings, time travel, or anything else dark fantasy romance, please give this series a shot! The first book is currently FREE on all vendors, so you really have nothing to lose ;).

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As always, if you read any of my books, please take the time to leave a review!


21 thoughts on “Book Release Day!

  1. Congrats on your new release Sara!! I was wondering if this dark might be too dark for me, but I like Norse Myths, Vikings AND time travel, so maybe it will be perfect. Your giveaway has enticed me to give it a shot, and I promise if I like the freebie I will purchase the next one.

      1. Great! I like it when the mood is dark, or characters struggle with a dark side, but I want some some brighter points in the story somewhere. I just read one that was tragic and left me feeling hopeless. I don’t mind wistful but hopeless is not a good way to feel. Looking forward to reading yours…though it may take me a while to get to it in my queue. Thanks!

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