Opinions Desperately Needed! Please Help!

UPDATE: Thank you everyone so much for your opinions! There were so many, I was unable to respond to each and everyone, but I “liked” each post as I read them. You all rock!

So here it goes. I’ve been told that my covers for my Xoe series don’t really look like a series, the titles are hard to read, etc., so I’ve created a whole new set. Yet, I find myself torn. I’m really attached to my old covers, and can’t decide if my hesitation to change them is just me being sentimental, or if other people might actually like them more than the new ones. Please comment with your opinions!!

Current Covers:


Potential New Covers:



101 thoughts on “Opinions Desperately Needed! Please Help!

  1. I prefer the first set. The font is NOT hard to read and ties them together, in my opinion; and the cover art gives more of a feel for the TYPE of story than the second set does. The only thing the second set has going for it is uniformity. I do not find it eye catching or indicative of genre. In short, it wouldn’t entice me to give the back blurb a look, let alone buy the books.

  2. The second set is definitely more tied together, but I personally like the designs on the covers of the first set. Perhaps if you put the title at the top of all the books and keep a uniform text color it would work.

  3. The second set is more unified, but I would only read them if I wanted to know all about that girl. The first set gives the feeling there is a bigger story with wider scope. If it’s all about the girl then second set has a more professional trendy edge. Otherwise I would stay with first set. I can read them just fine. Only one that doesn’t ties in is the first one with the pale cover. If they all have the color intensity I would definitely recognized they go together.

    1. I’m thinking more and more about staying with the first set and just touching them up a bit. You make a good point about the broader story scope. The girl is the MC and narrator, but they’re def not just about her.

  4. I personally feel that the second set is not what you should go for. The first set is fine. Very nce really. When I look at tham, I feel that they’re interesting reads, and I don’t get that from the second set. (Just my humble opinion)

  5. I think your old covers have more character,colour and life to them 🙂 I mean if you’re talking about consistency,then the second one takes the cake.But then how important is consistency anyway right? I’d personally be drawn to the first book if it was great (I’m sure it was),and remember the author’s and series name. Second one seems abit repetitive too imo.

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