Paranormal Romance Blog Tour-J.A. Armitage Interview

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As promised, here is my interview with J.A. Armitage, author of the Guardians of the Light Series!

1) As I read “Endless Winter”, I’m constantly pleased by its uniqueness. I read a ton of YA Paranormal, so it’s always exciting for me when I run into something different. What was your primary inspiration for your story? 
I’d always wanted to be a surrogate and one day I was travelling to London to meet the woman who I would eventually have a baby for. It was a long journey and I started musing how strange it was to have a baby for a total stranger. I then began to thing about reasons for having a baby other than to be a mother. Endless Winter was born. (a year and a half later, the baby was also born:))
2) Try as I may, I can never seem to follow through with outlining. Are you a plotter or a pantser, and which mode of writing would you personally recommend?
I have the most chaotic mind so I would recommend doing anything the way I do. I envy people who have structure. I am most definitely a pantser (I love that word – I’m going to use it a lot from now on!)
3) What made you decide to self-publish? Would you recommend that others go down the self-pubbing road, or should they try shopping their manuscript around to publishing houses first?
Most definitely self publish. I have a friend who is the most amazing author. He writes brilliantly and his books are so unique. He has spent years trying to get them published the traditional route. He won’t entertain the idea of self publishing at all. I only started writing a year and a half ago and now I have six books out that sell. He has many beautifully written books that are sitting on his hard drive going nowhere. I think self publishing is a no brainer.
4) I was pleased to see that there are three more books in your Guardians of the Light series after “Endless Winter”. What projects are you working on currently, and will there be any more books in the Guardians of Light?
I’m currently writing two books at once (See – chaotic mind) They are very different from each other. One is a novella, a prequel to the Guardians of The Light series. It’s called Becoming Aethelu. The other is a full length novel which is such a different story to The Guardians that I will probably publish under my pen name. I’ve also another idea percolating in my brain for another paranormal romance series.
To purchase the first book in the Guardians of the Light series for only 99 cents, click here.

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