Snowy Morning

I wrote this nice blog post the other day. It wall all about not giving up, supporting each other, and all sorts of nice warm fuzzies. So of course, it somehow never posted, and now I can’t even find any evidence of it. I can’t be mad though, because we’re supposed to have our first snow of the fall/winter today! Here’s a little glimpse of what it looks like outside right now.


It’s still only gently sprinkling, but we have 100% chance of precipitation and it only needs to drop a few degrees for magic to happen. I suppose most of you don’t care about my weather forecast, but I can’t help my excitement. The only way I survive summer is the promise of eventual snow. I’m a warm bodied person, and I feel like I was made to live in an entirely different climate than I do. Even when the house is chilly, the boy usually ends up pushing me away from him at some point in the night because I give off too much heat. It’s been a lifelong affliction, one that kills me when it’s hot, but makes me one happy camper when it’s cold.

The other part of winter that calls to me is the darkness. I love waking up just before the sun, and going to bed long after that annoying, yet necessary ball of gas leaves us. The mornings with cloud cover take the cake. My desk isn’t near any big windows, and I don’t have a lamp since I write on a laptop, so I’m reduced to this:


….which is totally okay with me. Notice my lucky dragon in the background, wishing he possessed as much fire as the candles.

Today will be a day for writing. A perfect Sunday with, cold, darkness, coffee, and these little pastry bars that I’ve been eating way too many of. I’d like to wish a happy Sunday to you all, especially all of the other writers out there (that was, after all, what my original post had been about). May our wordcounts exceed our greatest expectations!


21 thoughts on “Snowy Morning

  1. Oh man ….. I wish I was like you 😀 I’ve never been to places where it snows but I would love to . Problem is that I am extremely sensitive to cold weather . I’m more of a summer lover 😀 have a lovely day

  2. Certainly looks cosy. Here in the UK, most of the population are vitamin D deficient – certainly after the winter, so you’d feel right at home here, under our leaden grey skies 🙂

  3. I know those warm-bodied feels. The heat melts me into a puddle of unhappy, but cold days always make me feel alive and grateful that I can breathe properly! ^-^ I was definitely meant to be a northern girl. haha

    Plus, cold weather food is so delicious!

    Here’s to a lovely grey weekend, with chances of rain/snow! *mug-of-soup cheers*

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