My Year in Review

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been completely MIA lately! The holidays are hectic, and I quite literally just realized that today is New Years Eve. I keep seeing all of these “my year in review” photo collages etc, but I’m a writer…I like to write things…so I’m going to write one instead.

Book Life 2015:

2015 was a really big year for me. It was the first full year that I focused full time on writing (did about half of 2014 that way). I can’t believe how much forming habits affects output, but it really does. In 2015, I released: two books in my Xoe Meyers Series, the first book in my Tree of Ages series, and seven “Acts” in my Bitter Ashes series (now bundled into three books). From January to December, I just about tripled my income (which, I mean, doesn’t say that much because January wasn’t the best of months, but it also definitely wasn’t a bad month as far as indie publishing is concerned). I learned to make better covers, write cleaner, and write more. 3K words a day has become commonplace. As a relatively slow writer, I never thought I’d get there, but I’m stoked that I did.

Projected Book Life 2016:

In January I plan to release Act 8 and 9 of my Bitter Ashes series. I’m currently working on book two of my Tree of Ages series, but those books take a lot more out of me than the others, so it will be worked on while I write in the other two series as well (thinking release sometime around May. I’m actually hoping to write and release all Acts of my Bitter Ashes series in 2016 (a big deal for me, since I’ve never completed a series [they’re all ongoing]). It will likely be 15-19 acts, depending on where the story takes me (ok let’s face it, it will probably be more like 25). I would like to write and release the next two books in the Xoe series (book 7 and 8). Those two books definitely won’t be the last. I still have a lot of stuff planned for Xoe. I would also like to have book three of Tree of Ages completed by the end of the year, though I highly doubt I’ll be ready to release it until early 2017.

Normal Person Life 2015 (yes, I am a person!):

In 2015 I built a house with my bare paws! Well, I had a lot of help, but I did contribute. I learned to mix concrete, do framing, roofing, drywall, and everything else. Also in 2015, I reveled in my second to last year until 30 (I will be turning 29 in six days).

…..that’s about it. Maybe I’m not really a person. Author life for the win!

Normal Person Life 2016:

In January I will begin work on my graduate degree. I don’t really need a graduate degree in my line of work, but I’m a practical Capricorn. I like having back up plans. In April I will be taking my first trip overseas. Thinking Ireland/Scotland/England, but may go with somewhere in Scandinavia depending on ticket prices. Sometime in the fall, I want to do either Japan or Thailand. I’m stoked about the travel. It’s been a life long goal (basically my only motivation for making money), and I’m really proud that I will be able to pay for it myself, with money I worked my butt off for.

Self Betterment 2105 (because that basically has to be included in any New Years post):

I worked on learning French (though not enough). I did a bunch of weird stuff to my diet (and I’m feeling much better than I was). I learned to compromise and listen (big feats for a Capricorn).

Projected Self-Bettering 2016:

Learn more French. Also, brush up on my Spanish. Continue to explore what food choices work right for me. Learn to budget. Start an IRA for retirement (being self-employed is sometimes scary).

The End:

I hope you all have a lovey New Years Eve, and a productive 2016 filled with learning, growth, and happiness! I’ve made some awesome wordpress friends over the year, and I look forward to getting to know more of you.


10 thoughts on “My Year in Review

  1. Wow – you did fantastic, building, writing, reading, self betterment – learning languages – I’m exhausted just thinking about it!!
    Well done and I hope your 2016 is excellent to and all the best with your upcoming releases.
    Lynn 😀

  2. Good luck on your Resolutions! I have enjoyed your blog! Don’t feel bad about being MIA – I started my blog only in November and I got overwhelmed with my real life in December. Here’s to a new year, a new start!

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