Upcoming Release Update!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been updating much, but it just means that I’ve been busy writing! My next release, “The Melted Sea” (Tree of Ages #2) is currently undergoing all of the sanding and shining that all new releases must endure, and I’m hoping to have it out by the end of this month. To kickstart this series, I’ve enrolled “Tree of Ages” (book #1) temporarily in Kindle Unlimited, and dropped the price to 99 cents (for an even more temporary span of time). Basically what I’m trying to say is that for a short while you can get “Tree of Ages” for cheap, or even free if you’re a KU subscriber. If you enjoy Epic Fantasy with a Celtic twist, please consider checking out “Tree of Ages” during this discounted period! As always, if you so happen to leave an Amazon review, I will love you forever and erect a statue in your honor. Link below!

x-default Buy for 99 cents or download for FREE on Amazon!


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