News and Updates

So one of these days I’d like to write an actual blog post (I will soon, I swear)! In the mean time though, I have quite a few updates, a release announcement, and a cover reveal. So here is the list:

Bitter Ashes #4 now available!

DuckDuck Amazon   Nook   Kobo   iBooks   Google Play

What do the Morrigan’s descendant, a necromancer, and an ancient Viking have in common? Nothing, except for a common goal. Rejoined with Alaric and her other companions, Madeline must now align with her enemies if she hopes to succeed in what she originally set out to do. Together, they will attempt to take down Estus once and for all . . . though they might have to open up a gateway to the old gods in the process.



Xoe # 7 is on its way!

Tentative Release Date: Sept 30thMinorMagics-2

Xoe knew her father had a few family secrets, but she hadn’t expected to find answers in the human world. Never the less, she’s not one to pass up a good road trip, so with the help of her friends, she’s journeying into unknown territory to find the answers her father wasn’t able to give her. Who is she really, and why are certain demons out to kill her?

Back home, more trouble is brewing. It’s Xoe’s job to protect her pack, but when Emma’s abusive father comes a’calling, Xoe will be torn between her own family mystery, and Emma’s.

And Finally, my upcoming Tentative Release Schedule:

Since I write in different series, I get asked a lot which books are coming next, so here’s what I’m planning now. All subject to change…a lot. Mainly I’m posting to answer my most frequent questions. Yes, Tree of Ages #3 is in the works. No, Bitter Ashes isn’t quite over yet. Please don’t throw stones at me for jumping around so much :).

Sept- Minor Magic (Xoe #7)

Oct-Nov-Release of first three books in brand new super secret series! I’ve been working on this series in the background for a while now, and I’m very excited to share it with everyone!

Dec- Tree of Ages #3…maybe…I hope. May actually be January, but I’m being optimistic here.

Jan/Feb- Bitter Ashes #5. I’m planning for this to be the last in the series, but we’ll see. Book #4 was actually going to be the last, but as I wrote it I realized it would have to be 200K words to tie everything up.

And finally, to be notified of all of these releases when they actually happen, please sign up for my mailing list :). You can currently get the first three Xoe books for free by doing so here: Get the Xoe Meyers Trilogy for Free




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