Bitter Ashes Series

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Bitter Ashes, Book #1:  “We laughed together, covered in blood and surrounded by corpses, and I knew my life would never be the same again.”

In the middle of the night, Madeline is snatched from her life of chosen solitude into a world where she might actually belong. Due to her empathy and other “gifts”, Madeline is a danger to humans, and finds solace with others like her, despite the fact that they’re also her kidnappers. Still, she knows she should escape, but something about dark, but oddly alluring Alaric has her debating her choices, and questioning her moral fiber.


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Collide and Seek, Book #2: “Betrayal is a funny thing. The sting of it often sticks with us longer than the thrill of love, the fire of hatred, or the emptiness of loss. Betrayal eats at us when we know we should be happy, and it overwhelms us when we’re already sad.”

Madeline had hoped to call the Salr home, but hope can be a cruel thing. Now on the run from the very people who introduced her to her new world, she’ll struggle not only with her view of those around her, but with her view of herself. Madeline is playing a dangerous game, with rules not bound by honesty, fair play, or even space and time. When her quest to destroy the charm becomes risky beyond reproach, she’ll have to seek the aid of a mischievous Viking to even the odds.



Rock, Paper, Shivers, Book #3: With their enemies nipping at their heels, time is running short for Madeline and Alaric. They can’t run forever. To stand a chance at survival, they must summon an ancient deity to aid them. Unfortunately, gods can be finicky, and if there’s one thing that Madeline has learned, it’s that no one does any thing for free.






Duck, Duck, Noose, Book #4: What do a the Morrigan’s descendant, a necromancer, and an ancient Viking have in common? Nothing, except for a common goal. Rejoined with Alaric and her other companions, Madeline must now align with her enemies if she hopes to succeed in what she originally set out to do. Together, they will attempt to take down Estus once and for all . . . though they might have to open up a gateway to the old gods in the process.





23 thoughts on “Bitter Ashes Series

      1. That’s wonderful to know. I started reading the first book yesterday and finished act 7 about 2 minutes ago. I can’t wait to read the next one!

  1. When will the next book be available on Amazon kindle? It says July, but when in July? I just got the first book 4 days ago and in 4 days bought the other 2 and have read them practically none stop and am done with them. I can’t wait for book 4 the anticipation is killing me lol I love this series!! Getting ready I guess TO start the Xoe series I guess till book 4 of this series comes out! I can’t wait I can’t wait….

    1. Hello, and first, thanks for reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed them :). I haven’t set the official release date for book 4 (since I’m currently writing it), but it’s looking like the end of july. I’ll post an official release date here, and on Facebook as soon as it’s been sent off to the editor!

    1. I just answered your email :), but for anyoen else wondering, I’m hoping to release #4 in the Bitter Ashes Series within the next month (late July/Early August).

  2. Are you still planning on another Bitter Ashes book? I’m just super excited to download it and read it. I love your books!

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